We are here to support the Isle of Wight theatre community in all that they do! Sometimes you do not have the time to set up ‘show t-shirts’ and ‘ show hoodies’. Sometimes it is not cost-effective, especially if you only have a small cast! So, IWtheatre offer this online shop to meet your needs! An opportunity for our island theatre members to become walking adverts for their next show.

All profits from the sale of your production t-shirts, etc, will be donated back to the individual theatre groups. Any profits unable to be allocated to a given theatre group will be donated to island charities. All pricing will be set to the minimum values possible. Your company members buy direct and can trust that quality of the goods thanks to the team at Rapanui.


If you are a theatre group on the Isle of Wight  please do get in contact. we will be happy to set up t-shirt items for each of your shows! Supply the artwork, and we will set up the garments ready for your members to purchase directly.

Check out the shop at: