REVIEW – ‘Fresh Start’ – Origins Theatre

Sometimes, there’s a play that causes a writer’s block for all the right reasons. ‘Fresh Start’ was one such play, posing question after question and leaving the audience to answer them.

REVIEW: “I.D.” – Origins Theatre Company

At a time when the Island is getting ready to welcome the second IW Pride event, yet society in general is still grappling with the idea that not everyone fits into neatly defined gender brackets, this play is relevant and needed. At least one audience member last night said that she had personally learnt a lot from it.

REVIEW: The Souvenir by Heaton Wilson

  Quay Arts 15th September I have to admit, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the notes provided before the show – I only knew it involved live music, and Island shipwreck and ‘a marriage on the rocks a century later.’ Intriguing, I thought.   I didn’t expect to be treated to a selection…