REVIEW: A Bunch of Amateurs – RedTIE Theatre Company

If you are looking for a really entertaining piece of drama, you could do far worse than to go along to the Apollo Theatre this evening (Saturday) to catch the final performance of ‘A Bunch of Amateurs’. From the applause and comments after the show, last night’s audience would agree.

REVIEW: Forget-Me-Knot – The Apollo Players

Photograph, courtesy of Paul Jennings, shows Amy Burns as Mrs Monroe and Drew Adcock as – perhaps – Robert Zeinfeld. One of the hardest things for an actor is holding the audience’s interest alone on stage without speaking – and for the first few minutes of ‘Forget-Me-Knot’, that is exactly the task of Simon Lynch;…

REVIEW: The Queer Bash – redTIE Youth Theatre

What does ‘The Queer Bash’ actually mean, do you think? Because to me, it seems like a deliberate double entendre – which, if you’ve ever been to a performance by RedTIE Theatre, is to be expected. My Dad always used to tell me that his favourite part of any of our RedTIE performances was the fact he was in hysterical laughter one minute, and crying his eyes out the next. The dedication, commitment, and integrity that RedTIE pour into their performances to produce this pathos has not changed in the ten years I’ve known the company, and ‘The Queer Bash’ is a prime example of that.

REVIEW: The History Boys – redTIE Theatre

I was seventeen and fresh-faced from GCSEs when my new A-Level Literature teacher handed out copies of ‘The History Boys.’ They say you should never judge a work by its cover, but the school photo of the 2006 cast looked set to plunge me into agony over what seemed to be a dry play about…