REVIEW: ‘The Apple Cart’ – The Apollo Players

From the moment the curtain rose on The Apollo Players’ latest play, ‘The Apple Cart’, we knew we were dealing with important issues. Two palace officials, waiting for the king to make his appearance, discuss the serious matter of love letters received by the monarch. These two secretaries-cum-waiters, played by Robbie Gwinnett and Corey Gibbs,…

REVIEW: Don’t Dress for Dinner – The Apollo Players

“The play is billed as a ‘side-splitting comedy’ and the audience which packed the Apollo on Saturday evening would not disagree with that – there was continual giggling punctuated with bursts of loud hilarity and at a couple of points, spontaneous applause during the performance.”

REVIEW: ‘Going Straight’ by Richard Harris – The Apollo Players

“… attention to detail pervades everything, from the carefully ostentatious set to the perfectly judged costumes for each character – we could tell so much about them before they ever opened their mouths. All of this was of course brought together by the talented direction of Amy Burns, and every person connected with this production in whatever capacity is to be congratulated.”

PREVIEW: The Ghost Train – The Apollo Players

There are mysteries to solve, some light-hearted moments and more than one twist in the tale!

‘The Ghost Train’ is staged at The Apollo Theatre from 30 June until 8 July (not Sunday or Monday).

REVIEW: Forget-Me-Knot – The Apollo Players

Photograph, courtesy of Paul Jennings, shows Amy Burns as Mrs Monroe and Drew Adcock as – perhaps – Robert Zeinfeld. One of the hardest things for an actor is holding the audience’s interest alone on stage without speaking – and for the first few minutes of ‘Forget-Me-Knot’, that is exactly the task of Simon Lynch;…

PREVIEW: “Forget-Me-Knot” – The Apollo Players

‘Forget-Me-Knot’ by David Tristram – The Apollo Players If you enjoy a rollicking laugh-out-loud comedy with elements of farce, you could do no better than come along to see ‘Forget-Me-Knot’ by David Tristram, the next play to be performed by The Apollo Players. Someone who may or may not be Robert Zeinfeld is found wandering…

REVIEW: The Ladykillers – Apollo Players

Apollo Players: The Ladykillers by Graham Linehan Right from the start, this play has a lot going for it: Graham Linehan is a gifted comedy writer, famous for creating such classics as ‘Black Books’, ‘The IT Crowd’ and ‘Father Ted’, so his rework of a classic Ealing comedy is sure to be a quality script….