REVIEWED: ‘Greg Chapman’s Very Christmas Story’

The village hall at Shalfleet is an intimate venue for the world premiere of this one man show. The set consists of a magical screen, some tables and a chair, a gun, a light bulb, pack of cards, a broom and some rope, plus a few other strange items.

The story revolves around a Christmas present received by Greg that has been sent to him by HG Wells. It is, of course, a time machine.  As Greg has to find out how it works he finds himself going back in time and lands in the jungle with dinosaurs.  Can he get back to the present time in time for his tea?  He of course has another present, from his friend Mr Hyde. This consists of two bottles, one of Jack Daniels and another of an unknown elixir. Greg sips the elixir and then has to confront himself as Dr. Jekyll who is trying to kill him. 

Along the way to getting back in time for his tea, Greg meets alien spaceships who want to kill him too. He receives a present from Frankenstein which is incomplete. Where can he get the piece he needs?

The audience is included in the play; Greg needs a butler, an alien killer and someone to help him escape from his chains.  As the ninety minute, one man show, proceeds the audience are laughing at the jokes, the antics and the speed of delivery of the play. The tension mounts as Greg tries to get back to the present time to be able to eat his mince pie. There is only one way he can do it. But will he succeed? And if you think that history is boring, you have to see The Battle of Hastings described by interpretive dance to a great soundtrack. Impressed? You will be. You will have to see the show to find out more, as I don’t want to give too much away.

There are several more performances to go, both here on the Island and on the mainland.  The show was well written, well performed, in parts deliberately over acted which added to the fun. I thoroughly enjoyed it all. To be on stage, on your own, for ninety minutes delivering a superb play that you have written is a feat on its own. To do it so well, with such enthusiasm and professionalism is just amazing. Well worth seeing if you do get the chance.

Review submitted by Maggie Currie

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