REVIEW: ‘The Devil’s Mirror’ – Apollo Youth Theatre

I’ve seen some other Christmas shows this year but those were pantomimes, and what was nice about this non-panto but still wintry show was that under the skilful direction of Mish Whitmore, it kept to its story line.

It was a nice change to see so many young people as the main characters and was a wonderful twist to have the girls saving the boys in this play. The idea for the set was quite clever as they could change the scenes as quickly as possible with extra effects to let us believe where they were and what they were doing even more. Costumes were fantastic with many people to help create the characters in the play.

The Devil’s Mirror was specially written for the Apollo’s excellent production by Karl Whitmore, who took inspiration from many different stories. During the play, all the young people were very confident and focused especially when they had to perform the new tricks they had learnt and the choreography from Jaydene Paddock. 

Lighting and Sound technicians – Harry Spencer and Neve McIntosh – did an outstanding job as well as every one else backstage and onstage. Many of the young people did amazingly well but Jess Rockill displayed some impressive acting when it came to playing Gerda as the most stroppy character in the play and was a contrast to Khaya Mangena playing Sephie. Some people with smaller parts doubled up and played another part as well. 

They had yet another smart idea to have a shadow for Kay (played by Tom Howard) whilst he was possessed. It must have been extremely difficult to do because they both had to speak at the same time and move at the same time: the Shadow (Harrison Hartup) and Kay did amazingly well.

I would advise anyone to see any of the Apollo Youth Theatre’s plays and people missed out greatly if they didn’t see this production. Overall the performance was spectacular and a huge well done to everyone included in the making of The Devil’s Mirror.

Reviewed by Phoebe Heng (12) with input from Felicity Heng (9).

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