RAISING THE CURTAIN #11: “My Theatre History” by Zoe Divers

“A good friend of mine asked me to write this blog post about my past theatre experiences on the Isle of Wight. This got me thinking. Without the island’s theatre scene, I wouldn’t have met this friend. In fact, I wouldn’t have met the majority of the wonderful, talented people that I am so lucky to call my friends.”

RAISING THE CURTAIN #9: “All The World’s a Stage” – by Mitch Hamer

It was in ‘As You Like It’ that Shakespeare wrote the famous words ‘All The World’s a Stage’, and my experience of performing Shakespeare on the Island has proved just that. Who says that the stage MUST be a traditional proscenium arch in the theatre with rows of chairs of audience.

RAISING THE CURTAIN #8: “Why Shakespeare?” – by Maureen Sullivan

Why Shakespeare indeed!
Shakespeare gives us characters who are timeless, who wrestle with the same issues we still grapple with – self-doubt, greed, pride, jealousy, love and hate, wanting revenge – and at the same time his characters are capable of providing farce, slapstick comedy and general stupidity. Most of all, Shakespeare’s characters are human.

RAISING THE CURTAIN #1: “Two Planks, and a Wardrobe Malfunction” by Olly Fry

Olly Fry introduces us to one of his first “anecdotes of wisdom” and formative memories from The Dressing Room over the years. He also drops a theatrical gauntlet to the members and fans of the Island theatre community in the form of a question… Why it is that this scene has such a devoted following and why it is important …and most importantly, why it will continue to be so?