REVIEW: ‘Entertaining Angels’ – The Apollo Players

The tone of the play shifted from laugh out loud comedy to subtle reflection and thought-provoking drama as the storyline progressed, but it never lost its pace nor its ability to find humour in the darkest of situations.

REVIEW: A Bunch of Amateurs – RedTIE Theatre Company

If you are looking for a really entertaining piece of drama, you could do far worse than to go along to the Apollo Theatre this evening (Saturday) to catch the final performance of ‘A Bunch of Amateurs’. From the applause and comments after the show, last night’s audience would agree.

REVIEW: ‘Going Straight’ by Richard Harris – The Apollo Players

“… attention to detail pervades everything, from the carefully ostentatious set to the perfectly judged costumes for each character – we could tell so much about them before they ever opened their mouths. All of this was of course brought together by the talented direction of Amy Burns, and every person connected with this production in whatever capacity is to be congratulated.”

REVIEW: Forget-Me-Knot – The Apollo Players

Photograph, courtesy of Paul Jennings, shows Amy Burns as Mrs Monroe and Drew Adcock as – perhaps – Robert Zeinfeld. One of the hardest things for an actor is holding the audience’s interest alone on stage without speaking – and for the first few minutes of ‘Forget-Me-Knot’, that is exactly the task of Simon Lynch;…