You said, we listened, … an online calendar is the result!

We have been overwhelmed with messages from the IW theatre community in the first week of launching this blog and the Facebook page.  Thank you for all the messages of support… and all the encouragement!  “Encouragement” is a nice way of saying that you have been recommending how we can best support the IW theatre scene.  Keep the recommendations and ‘encouragement’ coming folks!

We have started to make a list. So watch this space!  But first of all, at the top of the list of “can you please do …”, “it would be great if you can…”… is the request to maintain a list of all up and coming productions from our Island theatre groups.


We had already pulled together all our IW theatre groups Facebook events into a single listing on our Facebook page, but recognise there are still gaps.  So, in response, we have also established an online calendar that you can view on our website and even subscribe to and / or download to your own calendar on your phone, tablet, computer etc.    Check out our main menu… it says Calendar!

This only works of course if theatre groups notify us of their up and coming shows. So, please feel free to contact us.

To kick-start things off, we have plundered the online presence of our IW theatre groups and populated the calendar as much as we can.  Please do let us know who we are missing and if we need to amend anything.

We hope that this is the first in a number of useful ways that we can support our IW theatre community.  We are already working on the next ‘offer’.  In the meantime, please feel free to spread the word!



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