REVIEW: ‘Our Skool’s Nativity’ – The Bay CE School

“…the show’s strength really lies in the talent and dedication of the whole cast,…”

All I can say to sum up, in the words of grumpy journalist Simon Sparks (a marvellous cameo from Leo Fitzpatrick) is “I don’t often say this, but I give it six stars.”

In fact, there are far more than six stars in this show – every one of the students (and a couple of teachers!) on stage, and every one of the production team behind it is a star!

Review: ‘Behind The Rainbow’ – Sandown Bay Academy

“…what was most striking about this production was the vibrant energy of the cast, from start to finish – their clear camaraderie and their love for performing was a joy to see in a show that was an excellent comedic tonic to a dreary January day. Congratulations to all at Sandown Bay Academy on a fabulous production – and long may they continue to have that passion for performing, because that stage was packed with talent.”