REVIEW: The IW Theatre Concert

Around 30 separate performances made up this very special and entertaining show, featuring a wide range of Islanders with two things in common – talent and residency on our lovely Island.

RAISING THE CURTAIN #11: “My Theatre History” by Zoe Divers

“A good friend of mine asked me to write this blog post about my past theatre experiences on the Isle of Wight. This got me thinking. Without the island’s theatre scene, I wouldn’t have met this friend. In fact, I wouldn’t have met the majority of the wonderful, talented people that I am so lucky to call my friends.”

RAISING THE CURTAIN #1: “Two Planks, and a Wardrobe Malfunction” by Olly Fry

Olly Fry introduces us to one of his first “anecdotes of wisdom” and formative memories from The Dressing Room over the years. He also drops a theatrical gauntlet to the members and fans of the Island theatre community in the form of a question… Why it is that this scene has such a devoted following and why it is important …and most importantly, why it will continue to be so?

REVIEW: Jesus Chris Superstar – Ventnor Theatre Group

When I first heard Ventnor Theatre Group were staging this show, I had mixed feelings – it is my favourite Lloyd-Webber/Rice musical so I was delighted – but the score is notoriously difficult to perform, so I wondered how they would ever find a cast to really do it justice. I need not have worried…

REVIEW: Voices Over Passchendaele

Olly’s performance was the foundation on which this play stood, and his performance was extremely strong: he was convincing, likeable and thoroughly commendable.

#VFRINGE17 REVIEW: ‘The ‘Just-So’ Grandad’ by Olly Fry

After the success of Olly Fry’s ‘I, Hooky’ and ‘The Story of Wendy And Jill’ I was very excited to see his newest creation ‘The ‘Just-So’ Grandad’ and for the most part it lived up to Olly’s reputation. Despite following a similar frantic reminiscent style to ‘I, Hooky’ , this production felt very different to watch. The…