REVIEW: ‘Tieta, The Trial’ – StoneCrabs Theatre Company

“… I was not prepared for was the level of talent and versatility which enabled actress Inês Sampaio to portray each one of  the characters in the complex story, act as narrator and perform all the music herself, keeping the audience spellbound and mesmerised throughout.”

REVIEW: “I.D.” – Origins Theatre Company

At a time when the Island is getting ready to welcome the second IW Pride event, yet society in general is still grappling with the idea that not everyone fits into neatly defined gender brackets, this play is relevant and needed. At least one audience member last night said that she had personally learnt a lot from it.

REVIEW: Just A Few Words – Stammermouth

It seems unfair to label a piece of theatre like Just A Few Words ‘important’, a description often associated with dry, joyless productions that take themselves far too seriously. But Island-raised Nye Russell-Thompson’s one-person show about a young man dealing with a stammer certainly is important, precisely because it is the opposite of all that: warm, inclusive, playful, poignant, and very, very funny.

REVIEW: The Souvenir by Heaton Wilson

  Quay Arts 15th September I have to admit, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the notes provided before the show – I only knew it involved live music, and Island shipwreck and ‘a marriage on the rocks a century later.’ Intriguing, I thought.   I didn’t expect to be treated to a selection…

PREVIEW: ‘Busu’ & ‘The Damask Drum’ – Quay Arts

One thing is for sure, Busu and The Damask Drum will be a performance not to be missed – so make sure you’ve got your tickets and go along to support Franko and the team, and help to make sure that more stories such as these are told on the Island.

Exciting, visual, powerful and haunting, it’s a double bill of raw theatrical beauty you won’t want to miss…

REVIEW: Asperger’s Are Us – at The Quay Arts

The troupe is made up of four young men from America who are comedians.   They are made up of Jack Hanke, New Michael Ingemi, Noah Britton and Ethan Finlan. They all have Aspergers.  We were not sure what to expect from this act, but were pleasantly surprised.  They explained at the very beginning they weren’t there…

REVIEW: ‘Breath’ by Bonchurch Theatre Company at Quay Arts

This original play, written by a member of the Company and performed on 1 June at Quay Arts, is based round extracts from the real 1870’s diary of a patient at Ventnor Royal National Hospital (the site of which is now the Botanic Gardens): knowing this, I was expecting the play to be poignant, and…

[ARCHIVE] REVIEW: The Country Wife – Isle of Wight Shakespeare Company

The latest Isle of Wight Shakespeare Company offering is…well… not Shakespeare. Instead, moving half a century or so on from the bard’s death, William Wycherley was writing for the Restoration Theatre, and any old hippies out there who thought they invented the permissive society in the 1960s need only come and see this play to…