COMING SOON: Going Straight – Apollo Players

The cast of ‘Going Straight’ in rehearsal: left to right Susan Simpson, Sue Edwards, Reuben Loake, Ian Moth and Fiona Gwinnett.

Photograph courtesy of Paul Jennings.

The newest offering from the Apollo Players is ‘Going Straight’ by Richard Harris, which will be staged from 20-28 October inclusive (not Sunday or Monday).

It is a modern comedy-thriller, set in a Spanish villa owned by ex-gangster Mickey and his lovely wife Francine. They have invited Mickey’s old partner in crime, Ray, and his wife Brenda over to stay – but is there a secret agenda? And is their other visitor, Polly, who she claims to be?

As events unravel, and start to spiral out of control, it rapidly appears that more than one person is not being entirely honest – but then, what can you expect from old villains? They may have retired – but can they ever be Going Straight?

There are plenty of laughs – and be prepared for a few twists in the tale….


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