REVIEW: ‘Boeing Boeing’ – CAODS, Trinity Theatre

As the dark nights begin to creep in and the weather turns crisp, an evening of comedy is the perfect remedy – and Trinity Theatre’s current production of Marc Camoletti’s Boeing Boeing is sure to have you laughing. The production revolves around the unconventional love life of Bernard, played by Steve Taverner. A Parisian bachelor turned polygamist, Bernard is a keen mathematician with an aptitude for logistics, a skill he utilises to seduce three international Air Hostesses. Keeping a schedule of all their flight paths, Bernard is able to enjoy the company of one while the others, blissfully unaware, travel the world. However, with the release of the new Boeing Boeing whose speed surpasses any of its predecessors Bernard is in for a surprise … three surprises to be exact!  The comedy ensues when all three of Bernard’s fiancés arrive in Paris together.

The production appeared slow at first and some one-liners seemed lost to nerves, however as the play progressed the cast rapidly relaxed and delivered a fantastic show that was enjoyed by all.

Steve Taverner was charming in his portrayal of Bernard, while Carolyn Ferguson interjected throughout the performance with fantastic one liners and whip smart comic timing. Nessa Law, Trish Hall and Vicki Quilter were brilliant at keeping the pace of the production; each exuded confidence and had praiseworthy stage presence. Of particular note was Viki Quilter’s dedication and command of the German accent.

Pete Harris joined the cast as Bernard’s old friend Robert, who embarks on a bewildering journey into the world of Bernard’s polygamy, never knowing quite what to say or where to look. Pete’s energetic performance was fantastic, the comic timing, pace and presence adding to the production’s final climax. The chemistry between Bernard and Robert was also particularly enjoyable to watch; their playing off of one another during their final scene landed the production with a fervent round of applause.

It would be unfair to finish this review without celebrating the incredible set which had the audience impressed from the beginning with its intricate detail. Alongside time-appropriate costume and scene-setting music, these production elements helped the performance to feel well-rounded and polished.

Boeing Boeing is a tough piece to get right, with a long legacy of successful professional adaptations. The entire team should be highly commended for their fantastic show. You can watch Boeing Boeing at Trinity Theatre on the 27th and 28th October at 7:30pm, and I would certainly encourage theatre goers to give this one a try.


Reviewed on 25th October 2017 (Opening Night)


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