RAISING THE CURTAIN #9: “All The World’s a Stage” – by Mitch Hamer

It was in ‘As You Like It’ that Shakespeare wrote the famous words ‘All The World’s a Stage’, and my experience of performing Shakespeare on the Island has proved just that. Who says that the stage MUST be a traditional proscenium arch in the theatre with rows of chairs of audience.

#VFRINGE17 REVIEW: ‘The ‘Just-So’ Grandad’ by Olly Fry

After the success of Olly Fry’s ‘I, Hooky’ and ‘The Story of Wendy And Jill’ I was very excited to see his newest creation ‘The ‘Just-So’ Grandad’ and for the most part it lived up to Olly’s reputation. Despite following a similar frantic reminiscent style to ‘I, Hooky’ , this production felt very different to watch. The…

INTERVIEW: Nye aka StammerMouth

We catch up with Island theatre talent, Nye, to touch base on his successful one man show that it StammerMouth, advice to other Island talent who want to make acting their career and look forward to StammerMouth’s return visit to the Island.

PREVIEW: Funny Money – Shanklin Theatre

We catch up with the cast behind this superb farce! Content includes references to a ‘red bra’ and “… the twists and turns are as complicated as┬áthe family tree of a guest on Jeremy Kyle.”

REVIEW: Into The Woods – Christ The King College

“I was surprised by the standard of performance as you often find that school productions struggle to find enough cast with acting talent, let alone the ability to sing; especially with the difficulty that some of the songs in this musical possess, but everyone, even those who seemed less confident, blew me away.”