REVIEW: Funny Money – Origins Theatre Company

Overall, this was a highly animated and well executed farce – light and droll with a happy ending. With major praise to Geoff Kirk for his direction, the production team and of course the talented actors, this local production of Funny Money is both genuinely humorous and easy viewing for everyone. I very much look forward to Origin Theatre’s next outing!

#VFRINGE17 REVIEW: ‘Uncle Richard’ by Tell Tale Theatre

Tell Tale Theatre has created a wonderful, intelligent piece with beautiful costumes, thought provoking insights and first rate acting that you would be loath to miss.

If you’re around Ventnor tonight, please, pick up a ticket to see Uncle Richard at Trinity Theatre, 6pm. You won’t regret it!

REVIEW: The Merry Wives of Windsor

Packed with irony, sarcasm, and featuring a talented cast and crew, this open-air production of Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives of Windsor is a first for Carisbrooke Castle.

REVIEW: You’re Only Young Twice – Pepperpot Players

Sporting a talented cast, witty humour and an abundance of the feel-good factor, the Pepperpot Players’ production of You’re Only Young Twice at Shanklin Theatre is easy viewing for all audiences. Written by Ron Aldridge, this two-act comedy was first performed in 2001 at Eastbourne, directed by Aldridge himself. The original cast featured Carmen Silvera (‘Allo…

REVIEW: The Queer Bash – redTIE Youth Theatre

What does ‘The Queer Bash’ actually mean, do you think? Because to me, it seems like a deliberate double entendre – which, if you’ve ever been to a performance by RedTIE Theatre, is to be expected. My Dad always used to tell me that his favourite part of any of our RedTIE performances was the fact he was in hysterical laughter one minute, and crying his eyes out the next. The dedication, commitment, and integrity that RedTIE pour into their performances to produce this pathos has not changed in the ten years I’ve known the company, and ‘The Queer Bash’ is a prime example of that.

REVIEW: The History Boys – redTIE Theatre

I was seventeen and fresh-faced from GCSEs when my new A-Level Literature teacher handed out copies of ‘The History Boys.’ They say you should never judge a work by its cover, but the school photo of the 2006 cast looked set to plunge me into agony over what seemed to be a dry play about…

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