#VFRINGE17 REVIEW: ‘Odjo, King of the Ocean’

Odjo, king of the Ocean was wonderful from start to finish. A master of physical theatre, Ed Summers uses clowning techniques like a pro to bring Odjo to life. He is a charming, delightfully stupid human being who catches fish with mousetraps (Odjo, not Ed Summers).

The combination of bizarre dancing, a masterful use of props and spot on reactions to the voice over (provided by the multi-award winning Trygve Wakenshaw) all come together to form an amazing bit of theatre.

Dressed in blue overalls and a bright yellow bobble hat, Odjo does hilarious things with a banana, a seagull and other strange things.

If you ever get a chance to see this guy perform, do it! He was fabulous and definitely not one to miss!

Reviewed by Lorna Brownsword

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