#VFRINGE17 REVIEW: ‘Uncle Richard’ by Tell Tale Theatre

Uncle Richard was an energetic escapade into one of histories most despised rulers. Informative and hilarious, this look into the actions of Richard III was a truly remarkable piece of theatre.
With a cast of only 3 (and the help of the audience) they successfully managed to cover 8 different characters, and the entire history of the Plantegenets, between them. Stuart Horobin was delightfully perfect as both Henry VII and the cheeky, young Prince Harry. Whilst Emma S. Cooper was simply stunning as Queen Elizabeth and Margaret Beaufort. Her performance was, not only brilliant, but the most human portrayal of royalty. Not only a queen but a mother, an exasperated wife and a grieving sister. Traesh Solanki, however, stole the show! He was wonderful from beginning to end. From playing a mute fool to the stoic Bishop Morton, the accused James Tyrell and, most notably, Professor Skelton. He led a very stubborn and inquisitive Harry (and audience) through the history of the Lancasters and Yorks in an incredibly witty, enthusiastic, and inspiring way.
Tell Tale Theatre has created a wonderful, intelligent piece with beautiful costumes, thought provoking insights and first rate acting that you would be loath to miss.
If you’re around Ventnor tonight, please, pick up a ticket to see Uncle Richard at Trinity Theatre, 6pm. You won’t regret it!


Reviewed by Lorna Brownsword

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