REVIEW: Just A Few Words – Stammermouth

It seems unfair to label a piece of theatre like Just A Few Words ‘important’, a description often associated with dry, joyless productions that take themselves far too seriously. But Island-raised Nye Russell-Thompson’s one-person show about a young man dealing with a stammer certainly is important, precisely because it is the opposite of all that: warm, inclusive, playful, poignant, and very, very funny.

INTERVIEW: Nye aka StammerMouth

We catch up with Island theatre talent, Nye, to touch base on his successful one man show that it StammerMouth, advice to other Island talent who want to make acting their career and look forward to StammerMouth’s return visit to the Island.

REVIEW: The Merry Wives of Windsor

Packed with irony, sarcasm, and featuring a talented cast and crew, this open-air production of Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives of Windsor is a first for Carisbrooke Castle.

PREVIEW: The Merry Wives of Windsor – Carisbrooke Castle

A look ahead to a production that features a wealth of local talent, faces well-known across the Island, drawn from a number of local companies and each bringing their skills, humour and style to the show to bring Shakespeare’s veritable feast of characters to life